There wasn't a guest at our wedding who wasn't moved by Emily's singing. She has the most perfect voice that captured everyone of our wedding guests- even the toddlers were mesmerised! Thank you Emily, there is no better singer.

-  Louise and Oliver Yates at their Wedding, and Daughter's Christening, May 2013. 

 Her Singing was so lovely- an absolute delight to accompany.

- Liz Jones (Pianist) at a Wedding, May 2013.

The ‘three Ladies’ [of which Emily was one] brought life and energy with them whenever on stage. The Ladies were impeccably seductive and siren-like, and held convincing Cockney accents in their spoken dialogue.- Magic Flute, Durham Opera Ensemble.

- Rose Ashworth, The Bubble, February 2014.

Her three supporting ladies, Elen Lloyd Roberts, Emily Burnett and Marnie Blair, were a deranged chorus-line clad in white satin lingerie; they moved with style and their voices were well blended. Magic Flute, Durham Opera Ensemble.  

- Jane Shuttleworth, Music in Durham, February 2014. 

Director Anna Bailey has done an excellent job in bringing out the playfulness inherent in The Magic Flute and her touches have created a performance which is notable for its acting, as well as its musical, content. The female cast members are outstanding - Emily Burnett's 2nd Lady is as delightfully provocative as Charlotte la Thrope's Pamina is girlish and naive. Magic Flute, Durham Opera Ensemble.

 -  Carrie Gaunt, DST, February 2014.

Photograph: Anna Bella Burnett